Monday, March 28, 2011

Sykes, Worried About Prosser, Criticizes GOP Legislative Leadership Tactics

That makes the Right's worry about the Walker backlash Official, as Charlie Sykes opined this morning on his AM 620 WTMJ talk show that getting the Walker union-busting bill published Friday left the impression that something sneaky had happened. He called it a tactical mistake - - he was not criticizing the bill's content, he stressed - - that "gave the left more talking points."

Sykes' biggest concern - -  evident by his repeated attacks on State Supreme Court challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg - - - - is that conservative incumbent State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser could be swept away in the anti-Walker riptide.

Take a look at what Sykes had to say on the conservative website National Review Online - - in an article about current politics in Wisconsin:

"If Prosser falls, it will be a heavy blow to Republicans, especially for the backbenchers who stood with Walker, many of whom had hoped to emerge from the fiery budget debate with their careers intact. State lawmakers will also soon redraw legislative districts based upon updated Census data. Republicans control both chambers and the governor’s office, making liberal challenges to reapportionment decisions all the more likely.

“This is for all the marbles,” says Charlie Sykes, a prominent conservative talk-radio host in Milwaukee. “Scott Walker could survive losing the state senate. But it would be devastating if he were to lose in the supreme court. If Prosser loses, almost everything that Walker enacted could be overturned.” The high court, he worries, has a long history of activism, especially when liberals hold the majority."

Sykes told his radio audience Monday morning that he was quoted accurately.

"For all the marbles."

The Right is worried. Their own polling data shows the strength of the Walker backlash.

Even Prosser's home town paper in conservative Appleton has endorsed Kloppenburg.

I think these people know that it's more than a matter of tactics: Walker & Co. have overreached. Walker and his legislative allies took away people's rights in a move without warning - - we "dropped the bomb" was how Walker described the unexpected wipe out of collective bargaining to the fake David Koch.

Walker and his pals are extremists who are outside the mainstream, outside of Wisconsin tradition, and are soon going to be outside of their elective offices, looking in.

Sykes' remarks today will motivate Walker's opponents to elect Kloppenburg, Chris Abele in Milwaukee County and garner recall signatures statewide now, with Walker's recall looming.

In the end, Walker will have recalled himself.

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