Thursday, March 31, 2011

History Made In Wisconsin

Walker administration agrees to follow the law.


Mike said...

Did the Doyle administration when the court said that the Indian Gaming Compacts were illegal?

James, the double standards that you and the left display are nothing short of mind blowing.

James Rowen said...

The endless conflation in these comments from the Right is amazing. No one will comment on the issue.

Mike said...

Please tell me Jim, what law did the Republicans break? The judge is wrong and you know it. I am just pointing the double standard that the left is displaying. You hate 3rd party ads unless it helps your candidate. The Greater Wisconsin Committee is a joke and his run by a political hack, who it seems has not one ethical bone in his body. Xoff did the same thing to Mark Green. The left wants appointed supreme court judges when they are in control and are silent when the Republicans are in control. Gov. Doyle also did not have on ethical bone in his body and I did not hear a peep from the left. I guess by any means necessary is the new mantra of the left.