Monday, March 28, 2011

More Agreement That GOP Tactics Hurt Prosser Re-Election Bid Next Week

Not sure, but always thinking: Now there's a GOP bumper-sticker in the making!

Let me explain their strategery.

The Capital Times rounds up some professorial observations about the political impact of publishing Scott Walker union-busting bill - - with a pending court order forbidding it - -  but I doubt that an already nervous Charlie Sykes or national conservative polling operations will find Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald's response very reassuring: 

"Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, says he is not sure what impact publication of the law would have on Prosser's campaign. He says he and his colleagues are "always thinking" about electoral strategies..."

Howard Schweber, a UW professor of law and political science, tells the Cap Times that the GOP's moves are politically puzzling:

"I do not understand what strategy the Republican leadership is pursuing here," he says. "I have to think there isn't one." 

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