Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wisconsin Is Open For Criminality

Scott Walker's budget disconnects the coppers from one another.



Anonymous said...

This is heading towards something the Teabaggers want

They actually want the Sheriff to be the most powerful guy in any area - "unhampered: by Feds or any other agencies. Long live Boss Hogg
I'm pretty sure the idea is to have a "shadow government" of some sort that serves to unofficially connect these "Shire Reeves" (tea bag documents actually and openly worship medieval systems and use THOSE TERMS and concepts as applicable for today)

But anyways - yes, they do want to break down modern law enforcement to something form the very distant past. All the better to abuse the power you know....We're definitely Ground Zero for some serious shit.

This ain't no disco, this ain't no foolin' around..

Anonymous said...

Oh what a surprise - Sheriff Craemer LIKES the new lack of information-sharing

He's also one of 2 county people responsible for incurring ENORMOUS new expense/debt in the form of a HUGE and popularly-unpopular Jail Construction project which will no doubt cause a raise in local taxes. As our "shire reeve" he's about as much fun as the Six-Fingered Man. He ought to do well as a Walker-Fitz posse member, they should meet if they haven't already.
(Next target CCAP? at least that might bring some old guard outta the woodwork to defend it)