Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Scott ("We're Broke") Walker Has Already Spent $42,000 On State Airplanes

So says a report based on a records request.

I was interested in this item because a month ago, I raised the question on this blog after noticing reports that Walker was flying around the state pitching his anti-union agenda.

Walker hasn't been in office for three months, and assuming a bit of a delay in filling the request, as well as converting it to a posting, it may be that Walker has run up that cost in roughly eight-to-ten weeks.

Another report has more information, including the predictable, robotic jobs-creation PR frame from the one-note spokesman Cullen Werwie that accompanies every Walker release.

"It's extremely important for Gov. Walker to travel to all parts of Wisconsin to speak directly to the people and job creators that will help ensure 250,000 new jobs are created by 2015," said spokesman Cullen Werwie in the statement."

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