Thursday, March 24, 2011

Talk Radio's Incessant Support For Justice David Prosser Suggests His Polling Weakness

Charlie Sykes, Jeff Wagner, Mark Belling - - a non-stop free-media righty chorus for embattled incumbent Justice David Prosser.

Wow: bring back the fairness doctrine!

There must be polling data floating around the right side of the political world suggesting that Prosser's campaign support for Scott Walker and reports of Prosser's intemperate remarks have eroded his standing with voters.

And I know it's a given, but talk radio is filled with contradictions.

Belling today hammered Prosser's opponent, JoAnne Kloppenberg - - "vociferously" is how Belling described his argument, and then accused Kloppenberg's supports of yelling and ranting.

Earlier in the day, Wagner accused Kloppenberg of showing bias - - overlooking this statement by Prosser's campaign manager, the experienced conservative consultant Brian Nemoir:

"Our campaign efforts will include building an organization that will return Justice Prosser to the bench, protecting the conservative judicial majority and acting as a common sense complement to both the new administration and Legislature."
Go figure.

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Anonymous said...

Or maybe, just maybe, conservatives as always understand the importance of judicial races. Coupled with a new campaign finance system that limits candidates spending, it seems rather obvious conservative talk radio would play a role.