Thursday, March 24, 2011

On Walker Union-Busting Bill, Prosser Says "No" To Recusal

I guess that settles that.

But remember...

Prosser's experienced campaign manager had this to say when he was hired to run the campaign in December.

"Our campaign efforts will include building an organization that will return Justice Prosser to the bench, protecting the conservative judicial majority and acting as a common sense complement to both the new administration and Legislature."
"Complement," according to the Google online dictionary, means "a thing that completes or brings to perfection."

When given a chance to disassociate himself from his campaign manager's statement, Prosser didn't muster much outrage:
"Prosser, for his part, has said he wouldn’t personally have used the word “complement” and describes himself as being in the middle of the court," wrote columnist Mike Nichols.
Now a Prosser apologist dismisses the matter as "a boast made by his then-new campaign chief to a newspaper, one Prosser hadn't approved and swiftly disavowed."


And that "then-new campaign manager." Makes you think new, as in wet-behind-the-ears, maybe?


Brian Nemoir has had a nice career for the last 18 years in politics, communications and government - - and his LinkedIn profile adds more details - - so can we stop the excuse-making?


tomkraj said...

Anyone have a date and a cite on the "swift disavowal" by Prosser of Nemoir's complement comment?

Anonymous said...

Would the great legal mind of Joan K?