Thursday, March 31, 2011

Madison Judge States Unequivocally Union-Busting Law Not Yet Law

This is to help Walker administration officials and Republican legislators get over their confusion and step back from more contemptible behaviors.

From the judge today:

"Based on the briefs of counsel, the uncontroverted testimony, and the evidence received at the March 29, 2011 evidentiary hearing, it is hereby DECLARED that 2011 Wisconsin Act 10 has not been published within the meaning of (state statutes), and is therefore not in effect."

I've even made it easier to grasp, here.


Rika said...

Why don't the Republicans just pass the law again?

Because they no longer have the votes.

Anonymous said...

There's no need to pass the law again. The Supreme Court has already ruled that the courts can't act on any legislation until it's been published and made law. She prematurely dictated. She has overstepped her authority and that's why she's issuing empty threats.

Anonymous said...

By law if the open meetings law was violated any action taken during that meeting in violation of the law is nullified. It gets pretty complicated at this point because it's as if the action of the committee stripping the collective bargaining language legally never happened which makes the Senate vote on the stripped version moot without a quorum. The only recourse is to restart the legislative process which is what the Judge suggested. For some reason the Republicans don't appear ready to do that.