Friday, March 25, 2011

Wisconsin, Under Walker And The Fitzgeralds, Has Lost Its Grip

Through the back door, the Walker union-busting bill gets published despite an injunction.

Another sign that we're in distress, folks, and proof that we need to recall every one of these Constsitution deniers.


Anonymous said...

Gov. Walker and the Fitzgeralds were duly elected to their office.
Democracy sucks.
Right, liberals?

James Rowen said...

Duly-elected? Yes, though Walker never revealed his intentions.

But he and his allies are trampling on the state constitution, which allows for the recalls that will replace them.

Anonymous said...

published in spite of an injunction from a legally elected judge. that's illegal.

Harriet said...

@Anonymous 1: Well, I guess that explains why all the Tea Partiers sat down quietly and took up knitting so as to wait patiently until the duly-elected President Obama might be unseated in the 2012 election. Right? "Oh well, I guess democracy sucks," said they. "Too bad we can have no public voice whatsoever between now and 2012." That's why we never, ever hear anything from the right wing in opposition to Obama and his policies.

Anonymous said...

Horrifying as is each of the Fitzes' and Walker's tramplings of our state constitution and statutes, I take heart in seeing that each time also wins over more of my truly conservative coworkers to remorse for voting for this attack on the state. So with each act of hubris, Walker and the Fitzes are losing more of their support -- and I'm even seeing conservatives I know eager to protest, sign recall petitions, and more. At this rate, with some new and flagrant act against state laws and traditions by the day, the only ones still with Walker and the Fitzes soon will be the poorly paid blog commenters, madly misspelling as they type away in their basements -- until their moms tell them it's time to do their chores for their allowances, too.

Anonymous said...

The Tea Party participated in the democratic process. They let their voices be heard without death threats or smashing cars or calling for recalls.
Walker has always been clear about his intentions. You just didn't believe him.
Injunction from a legally elected judge? Whose son is a union thug. Get real!
The seeds of the Tea Party movement were planted by President Obama shoving health care down our throats. Thank you, Mr. President!