Friday, March 25, 2011

Jeff Stone's Democratic Party Favor

Jeff Stone earned a "half-Flip" on PolitiFact's "Flip-O-Meter" in Friday's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for statements he made about his support for Scott Walker's union-busting bill.

Stone, a Republican state representative from suburban Greendale, is also a candidate on the April 5th ballot for Milwaukee County Executive. In the assembly, he voted for Walker signature, controversial bill - - twice - - band voted against many amendments to soften the bill - - but in statements distanced himself from wht the bill will do.

It's easy to see why he meandered and tacked.

Only 37% of Milwaukee County voters cast ballots for Walker in the November 2010, gubernatorial election, and a sizable majority of County residents live in the deeply blue, union-friendly City of Milwaukee.

The newspaper concluded that Stone made "clearly inconsistent statements."

Twists and turns that good - - even righty radio talker Charlie Sykes was cited in the newspaper story admitting to confusion - - deserve a special representation.

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