Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Strategies? Walkerites Making Them Up As They Go

Gov. Walker now reapplies for millions in Amtrak money he already rejected. Oops.

Attorney General Van Hollen tries (unsuccessfully) to withdraw his appeal of the Dane County judge's order blocking the union-busting bill from being published.

Oops - - the appeal was already moved on to the State Supreme Court, where, as one wag suggests, Justice David Prosser could be forced rather quickly to show whether he's as independent as he claims.

Brought on by State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, (R-Juneau), and his rush pell-mell to pass and publish (see live-Tweeting of today's court proceedings citing Fitzgerald's insistence) Walker's anti-union bill.

All of which brings home the observation about some politicians' strategies in the State Capitol I posted the other day from a Madison Capital Times interview with UW-Madison law professor Howard Schewber:

"I do not understand what strategy the Republican leadership is pursuing here," he says. "I have to think there isn't one." 

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