Thursday, March 24, 2011

Big Crowd Of Protesters Outside The Stone/Walker Milwaukee Private Club Fundraising Event Thursday Evening

I was between obligations and could only honk in support, but I can report that there were about 200 people already in place - - with more streaming towards the location - - at 4:30 p.m., well in advance of Scott Walker's arrival for Milwaukee County Exec candidate Jeff Stone at the University Club at the corner of Wells and Prospect just north of the downtown.

I base my estimate on a quick count of people picketing on Wells St., and my guess that the double-line on the Prospect Ave. side of the intersection was at least three times the number of people on Wells.

It also seemed as if every other car's driver either honked or waved or flashed the car lights in support.


tsperko said...

Estimates came upto 1000. We were loud and the horse cops would come out when there was a car turning in off Prospect. I got Kloppenburg bumper sticker and Stand w/WI pin. Lots of friendly cops around. Lots of honking.

Dave Reid said...

Ohh... I was biking home from the office and saw the big crowd and was wondering what was going on.