Monday, March 28, 2011

Team Arrogant Implementing A Law That Isn't A Law

This seals Scott Walker's recall.

Good-bye Alberta Darling and all the Walker's allies who support ignoring a court order, and by their actions, are negating the State Constitution and the rule of law.

Without the Wisconsin Secretary of State's approval, the 'law' Walker is implementing to bust unions and enhance the political power of the GOP is just a piece of photocopied paper.

Only the fact that impeachment trials are approved in Wisconsin by a majority of the State Assembly - - currently in Republican hands by a strong majority - - saves Walker from that pre-recall fate.


enoughalready said...

My understanding is that the Bureau only published the law online,in which case it probably does not even exist as a photocopy.

GCA said...

I really hope they continue just as they have-It has become almost comical and certainly entertaining.My friend Charley actually shot himself in the foot when we were kids-but this is better!

Ron R said...

This is sort of like the Clinton impeachment. It all depends on what definition of "publish" you use.

Betsey said...

This is sort of like Wisconsin law. The definition of "publish" means that the Sec'y of State issues an order to actually publish the legislation in the Wis State Journal. The WSJ actually publishes the law on its pages, using the newspaper definition of publish which means to take the words, print them on paper, using ink, and send out to your readership. Voila! It's a law!

But before you get to the fun, publish-y part, you have to follow some other laws, such as take a legal vote, call a legal meeting (properly noticed, etc.), give everyone who will be voting on the legislation a copy prior to their vote (and not just seconds before, either), and then give the lawmakers and the public a chance to read and comment on it.

If everyone follows the same laws, then it's fair.

One side doesn't just get to make up their own law, pull the fire alarm and take a quick vote when the other kids leave the room, then lock everyone out of the school and call yourself the winner. Oh yea, don't forget to swipe all the lunch money and hand it over to Big Bullies, Inc. at the other schools.

Reagan's Disciple said...


You were right on one thing...

The kids left the room!

Betsey said...

The kids evacuated the room in response to the fake fire alarm pulled by your juvenile delinquents.