Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eugene Kane Puts Hines Rumor To Rest

Why do people pass along unsubstantiated "exclusives" by anonymous bloggers?

Patrick McIlheran engaged in a little triangulated monkey-wrenching the other day, re-posting an anonymous blog item from The Milwaukee Drum site preposterously claiming that regardless of Mayor Barrett's showing in Tuesday's gubernatorial campaign, Common Council President was going to announce that same day he was running for Mayor in 2012.

McIlheran was having a little political 'fun' with Hines (let's make Hines the biggest, most insensitive opportunist ever) and at Barrett's expense, also, should Barrett lose (let's kick the guy when he's really down) to Scott Walker, McIlheran's candidate.

Enter Eugene Kane, who engaged in a little basic journalism, called Hines, was told by Hines there were no such plans - - d'uh, or is it d'oh? - -  so Kane wrote up the facts and put his byline on a story.

Thank you, Eugene.

The link to McIlheran's post won't load anymore.

I also don't see it on McIlheran's blog or column lists - - if it's there, or if it is re-loaded, please send it along  - - but thanks to Google cache, here is what McIlheran posted on October 26th:

Columnist Patrick McIlheran, generally a right-wing guy, offers commentary and links to good reading on the Web


xoff said...

The worst aspect of this is that McIlheran's blog is posted on a platform provided by the state's biggest newspaper, which means someone who doesn't know any better might actually believe it.

McIlheran and the paper both should be very embarrassed, but neither apppears to have any shame.

Zach W. said...

It appears Paddy Mac is a big believer in the Fred Dooley blogging philosophy....when you're wrong, simply delete the post in question, instead of actually admitting you were wrong.