Thursday, October 21, 2010

Feingold Picks Up Press-Gazette Endorsement For First Time

The Green Bay newspaper finds value in Russ Feingold's incumbency, and tells readers GOP opponent Johnson could not answer their questions about whether he has a jobs plan.

Those pesky details are helping Johnson unmask himself.

Video of his flubbed interview with the paper's editorial board, here.

Anger and a fat checkbook do not necessarily make for an appealing or informed candidacy.


Anon Jim said...

Can not wait to see the MJS' already-written-a-months-ago endorsements of Feingold, Barrett, Kagen, Lassa, Sullivan, Larsen, etc.

Which will virtually guarantee wins by Johnson, Walker, Ribble, Duffy, Vukmir, and whoever is running against the Thief.

Anonymous said...

Anon Jim:

The same paper will endorse Paul Ryan and then make the claim that they are bi-partisan.

Anon Jim said...

Aye - and to further establish their bi-partisan cred, the MJS will endorse Jim Sensenbrenner in another totally non-competitive elections as well.

Is there even a Dem opponent for either of those House races?