Friday, October 22, 2010

True Fact: If Elected, Johnson Would be Senate's 70th Millionaire

Yeah, Republican US Senate candidate Ron Johnson's just another regular guy - - this is the repetitive story-line thrown out on Milwaukee area right-wing talk radio - -  unlike the lawyers Johnson has mocked in TV ads about the change he'd bring to the Senate.

We're back to the pre-Watergate days of unlimited corporate money pouring into campaigns.

There is a generation and more of voters who do not remember the creepy, financial side of Watergate, or that corporate types - - from George Steinbrenner to big wigs at Ashland Oil, American Airlines and Gulf Oil - - and government officials were convicted of felonies over illegal donations- - but now decades later, the millionaire class with Karl Rove at the helm has figured out ways to buy elections legally, but still with great secrecy.

Does anyone seriously think these donated millions and the millionaires representing that money have any true goal beyond further tilting their way the benefits of the tax code, foreign trade agreements and Federal spending on highways, the military, big Pharma, big ag?

Russ Feingold has done his all to limit the power of big money in politics; Johnson will simply open the Treasury to special interests as part of The Checkbook Coup and call it reform.


Dave said...

The fact is that AFSCME is the largest donor in this election cycle .... not corporate interests.
They just passed the US Chamber of Commerce.

Corporate money in elections is bad, but so is union money ... especially government employee union money.

However, since you seem to favor big government, it's no surprise you never mention the union influence.

Anonymous said...

Interesting title since Herb Kohl is also part of the millionaire club in the Senate - no mention of that?