Friday, October 22, 2010

Charlie Sykes Joins The GOP's Sex-And-Gender Fixation

Not to be outdone by Sarah Palin and Sharron Angle, Charlie Sykes joined the ranks of the gender-obsessed several times this morning accusing Journal Sentinel city hall beat reporter Larry Sandler of having "a man-crush" on Mayor Tom Barrett.

Seems Sykes did not like Sandler's pre-election, assigned Barrett feature that ran as a companion to a feature on Scott Walker.

Both the stories, which are standard efforts for newspapers in a campaign's closing days (endorsements then follow), are at this link.

Still, it's fascinating that as this election cycles closes out, Republicans - - and remember their 'meeting' not long ago at a topless-bondage-themed club - - have got sex and gender images at the ready.

I assume these name-callers think they are throwing out just the most grievous insults imaginable, but I think it says more about the people with the microphones than their targets.

Armchair psychologists - - weigh in.

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