Friday, October 29, 2010

Walker Campaign Limping

Scott Walker is re-writing the manual about how not to end a campaign. Some of the mistakes have been:

* Having your extremely-unflattering student government history surface in the paper on the Marquette University campus - - from which you dropped out.

* Spinning from revelations reported by the Journal Sentinel that you didn't put in a place during an eight years+ tenure as county Exec a system to inspect county buildings (this year pieces have fallen off the Courthouse, an airport terminal ceiling onto a passenger, and, with a fatality, onto a teenager at O'Donnell Park).

Many buildings have not been inspected since the 1990's, and money needed for repairs totals nearly $200 million - - along with about the same amount needed for the parks' system, too.

Spoiler alert for Walker's response to what the Journal Sentinel calls a "haphazard" approach to inspections: Blame Tom Ament and the County Board.

* Watching your running mate Rebecca Kleefisch completely implode over screwy anti-gay remarks (gay marriage leads to marriages with tables, clocks and dogs) - - only to have Kleefisch's openly-gay uncle say that her belated apology was not extended to him, according to Dan Bice, investigative columnist at the state's largest daily paper.

* Having your campaign team bar Kleefisch from an interview with Bice.

If this is how Walker behaved as a student leader, governed in Milwaukee, and manages a campaign, is there any reason to think he'd make a competent Governor?


Anonymous said...

You must be wearing ruby slippers.

Anonymous said...

Wow, all of this stumbling and he is still going to win by 7%. How bad is the other guy in this race?

James Rowen said...

As I have been saying this campaign season, polling obsession is a distraction. Ask anyone with a cell phone only (no land line) if they have ever been polled.

Anonymous said...

Uh-huh. Sorry. My error.

Anonymous said...

If polling obsession is a distraction, why do you keep bringing up the polls?

Well at least you do when they are favorable.

Go figure.

James Rowen said...

I'm looking for the word "polls" and see it nowhere except in your comment,