Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Journal Sentinel Endorses Feingold - - Disappoints With Walker Nod

The compromise decision - - Feingold and Walker - - reflects the post-merger split personality of the paper, with the nod to Walker speaking to the conservative, pro-business orientation of newsroom decision-makers reflecting the long-gone Milwaukee Sentinel.

The MMAC will be happy. Walker is their guy.

I'm happy for Feingold, who is clearly the superior candidate. The paper would have totally forfeited its credibility if it tried to argue that Johnson is better Senator material.

But I am sad for Barrett, since the criticism the editorial aimed his way to justify the Walker endorsement pales in comparison to the physical and financial wreck that is County government under Walker.

Rewarding that with a proposed promotion is wrong.

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krshorewood said...

For those who haven't noticed, the Journal has been so in the tank for Walker, especially the way they have glossed over his continual reign of error.