Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Walker Failures More Fully Disclosed As Documents Finally Surface

Newly-released documents suppressed during Scott Walker's campaign for Governor prove the Milwaukee County Executive has no business running for or serving as Governor of Wisconsin.

As reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, County records show that:

There are no systematic inspections of County-owned buildings - - pieces of which have fallen at the Courthouse, O'Donnell Park and the Airport.

The County Mental Health Complex is a violent hell-hole, with assaults spiking over the last five years.

What does this show?

That Scott Walker had no real interest in local administration or in the daily mechanics of County government when he came in to the job in 2002 as an alleged "reformer"other than to use the office as a political and media platform from which to run for Governor.

What's amazing is that he didn't even do the basics, which if neglected, would undermine a run for higher office.

That would mean, at minimum, getting the County's buildings inspected on a regular and reliable schedule, so pieces wouldn't fall off.

Or protecting the mentally ill housed in a county complex, so patients wouldn't be assaulted, impregnated, or allowed to starve to death.

Instead, Walker was off running for Governor in 2006 and 2010, riding a motorcycle around the state, speaking, tweeting, fund-raising, lunching and otherwise leaving behind his official duties.

It looks like his plan to keep the lid on these bad news official documents fell a week short.

Opportunism has its perils.

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Anonymous said...

From the Marquette Tribune:

Walker’s campaign record murky
By Brooke Goodman.
Published October 26, 2010.

. . . .[For Scott] Walker, a questionable campaigning strategy is apparently nothing new.

Walker attended Marquette from 1986 t0 1990, but never attained a degree (see page 5). His sophomore year, Walker ran for president of the Associated Students of Marquette University (ASMU, the former title for Marquette Student Government). He was accused of violating campaign guidelines on multiple occasions.
The Tribune reported then that he was found guilty of illegal campaigning. . . .
Walker initially denied this but later admitted to the violation. . . .
The Tribune revised its editorial the following day, calling Walker “unfit for presidency. . . ."
In a Tribune article dated April 25, 2002, Walker recalled the election, saying he regretted the approach he took to campaigning.
“I didn’t achieve office because I focused on personalities and egos,” Walker said in the article.
He also blamed [his opponent] for the negative path the race took, saying he made the election into a partisan one.
Walker has said Barrett is responsible for the negative direction the current gubernatorial race has taken. . . .
Graeme Zielinski, communications director for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, said he believes Walker will do anything to win the election.
“He practiced dirty tricks and mudslinging back then,” Zielinski said. “He’s still doing the same thing today … the ‘say anything, do anything’ campaign.”
Zielinski also said Walker “shamed himself by the way he acted at Marquette” and that his campaign was one of the dirtiest in school history. . . .