Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kleefisch Will Not Apologize To Her Gay Uncle

Rebecca Kleefisch's comments about gay marriage leading to marriages with furniture and dogs and clocks shocks her openly-gay uncle, reports Dan Bice.

Remember - - as did Lt. Governors Marty Schreiber and Scott McCallum - - Kleefisch could step into the Governor's job is she is elected Lt. Governor as a Republican next Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

i think the most important line in the story is that walker's campaign would not make her available for comment. belling was moaning that channel six is covering this story tonite.

Anonymous said...

Talk about your jump the shark story.

Barret has been floundering around the last month trying to find a social issue that would stick.

Guess what - it's the economy stupid.

Anonymous said...

So has Tom Barrett ever apologized to any of his catholic relative about his pro-choice stances?

Of course that is irrelevant - just like this idiotic story