Monday, October 25, 2010

Stonewalls Surround Walker

The Journal Sentinel's Dan Bice offers some strong indications in the paper Monday that Scott Walker could use state power, if elected Governor, to allow public employees like the fire fighters and police officers to move outside the City limits - - a  blow to the City's tax base, a nice win for Walker's base in Wauwatosa and the other suburbs and also a dagger into the collective bargaining process.

Can we get a little transparency here? Of course, no one is talking.

Which has been the pattern with the Republican candidate.

Consider the issues raised in just these few lines in Bice's story:

"[Barrett campaign spokesman Phil] Walzak pointed to the draft recommendations by the Greater Milwaukee Committee for dealing with Milwaukee County's financial troubles, the decision by county lawyers to withhold a 2008 consultant's report on the Mental Health Complex and now the possible deal on the residency requirement.
"A lot of things are being kept from the public," Walzak complained."

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