Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kleefisch Ad: Rated A Lie, Though She Throws The "Liar" Claim Elsewhere

More teenager high school stuff, as I've said before.

"Mom - - I didn't do it! He did it!!"

Is she really running for Lt. Governor of the State of Wisconsin, or student council vice-president?

And that Scott Walker sidles into her ad, silently nodding, is just plain weird.


xoff said...

Interesting that the paper pins it on Kleefisch, when it is Friends of Scott Walker who are paying for the ad. Walker's pants are on fire as much as hers. (What a revolting image)

James Rowen said...

The two of them fill up the screen when Walker saunters in. Maybe you can't yell "fire" on a crowded set.

Betsey said...

"I won my battle with cancer" . . . ?

This, too, is an interesting claim. If she was diagnosed with colon cancer in the weeks before the primary--say sometime in August-- and it's now nearly the end of Oct., that makes 2 months (Sept and Oct) to be cancer free. Her claim to have "won" her battle after mere months is way premature. Most cancer-sufferers endure not only surgery, but multiple rounds of chemo or radiation or both, and pain, sometimes for years on end. Her claim to have won a battle consisting of diagnosis followed by immediate surgery, followed by "victory" is not only a stretch, but a rather callous definition of "fight", "struggle," "battle" and "winning" that many cancer patients and their loved ones may resent.

To say nothing of her completely ignoring the fact that her life-saving treatment was paid for by the taxpayers of Wisconsin.

You're welcome, Rebecca, even if you didn't have the grace to say thanks.