Saturday, October 23, 2010

Johnson Flunks Accounting 101

Ron Johnson touts his accounting skills in television ads, but in last night's debate with Russ Feingold the Oshkosh plastics company owner and GOP senatorial candidate failed the basics - - of what is basically a take home exam.

He blamed Feingold for the rise in the Federal deficit since 1993 - - except that Feingold voted against major deficit causes, like the Iraq war and the Bush tax cuts.

This is what happens when you put experience against a talking point.

It's disturbing that even during the campaign, some coaching, presumably, and exposure to Feingold that there seems to be no learning curve for this Tea Party neophyte.

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Betsey said...

I haven't heard of anyone taking Johnson to task for his ad in which he says we need more accountants and manufacturers in the US Senate. We don't "need" an accountant in the Senate. An economist in the Senate perhaps wouldn't hurt, but accountant is a position that can be hired when necessary, or if needed, a staffer could call or e-mail the GAO.

We need leaders -- leaders with vision to see a better future, courage to set upon a course with no guarantee of success, persuasive articulation to convince others to do the same, and determination to keep working and fighting toward the goal.

The country doesn't need an accountant in the Senate. We shouldn't set the bar so low.