Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Wisconsin Republican Candidates Who Are Unfit To Serve

So let's summarize this, with two weeks left in this Tea-stained campaign season:

*  We have Ron Johnson, a Republican Senate candidate, disclosing that his detachment from government includes never visiting the Nation's Capital, let alone The Capitol itself, prior to his campaign.

*  We have Scott Walker, a Republican candidate for Governor, literally running away from a dying, doomed Milwaukee County, where after eight years of his neglectful place-holding and political game-playing as County Executive, the civic leadership in the region is recommending that the near-bankrupt County government be scrapped.

*  We have Rebecca Kleefisch, a Republican candidate for Lt. Governor, petulantly refusing to debate her Democratic opponent, State Assembly Majority Leader Tom Nelson.

I could add more disqualifiers - - take your pick below - - or you can put the candidates' name into Google or my blog search and read about these candidates' lack of qualifications all day long:

Johnson's dismissal of the entire notion of "details" in policy-making, or his efforts, without disclosing his position on a Green Bay Diocesan fiscal board, to block child sex abuse victims from suing their abusers:, or his attacks on government's role in health care coverage while he has employees at his Oshkosh company who are on BadgerCare, the state insurance plan for lower-income people:

Kleefisch's attack on government health care while praising the life-saving medical treatment she received under her husband's State of Wisconsin cadillac-level health plan:

Walker's careless management of the County Mental Health complex, where a patient starved to death and others were raped, or the submission this fall of yet another fake annual County budget 'balanced' by concessions from employees not yet agreed upon, or his inability to say how he will pay for the billions in tax breaks he has promised every special interest with a cubby hole at the WMC's Madison headquarters.

Each of these candidates has proven unfit for the offices they seek, and Wisconsin is going to suffer if any of these amateurs, poseurs or monkey-wrenchers gets his or her hands on the levers of government power.


krshorewood said...

Scottie is way over his head with thejob he has now.

Anonymous said...

Unfit to serve is a rather obnoxious statement. Did you also apply that label to Obama in 2008?

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Walker is untalented. Johnson married into that company. Kleeifsch is a soccer mom. None are likely able to understand complex legal writing.