Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pollsters Miss Voters With Cell Phones, But No Land Lines

Pollsters tend to gather opinion from people with land lines - - considered uncool or unaffordable by more and more Americans - - so let's wait until Nov. 2nd to see whether younger, less affluent and some minority voters with cell phones were under-sampled.


Anonymous said...

Could be wishful thinking Mr. Rowen.

Almost all of my uncool, older, affluent, white friends who have serious concerns about the fiscal viability of their retirement's have dropped their landlines.

krshorewood said...

If those are their concerns then they shouldn't be voting Republican. That's not punishing the Democrats. That's punishing themselves.

gnarlytrombone said...

Actually, your white friends are askeerd of Obama injecting Sharia messages into their brains.