Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Ron Johnson Hypocrisy; Some PACUR Employees On BadgetCare

Though thank God for the government.


Anonymous said...

Great story by Lisa Kaiser! Good investigative journalism. Its hard to believe that the State of Wisconsin (e.g., the taxpaying public) is providing health insurance to Ron Johnson's employees. Why isn't his company--which made him a multimillionaire--providing this benefit to his less advantaged employees? He is an out-and-out hyprocrite in claiming to be an Ayn Rand 'individualist' who needs no help from the government to make millions. His being a millionaire is the main reason he decided to run for the Senate, a job for which he is clearly unqualified. Besides the State of Wisconsin health care subsidy, he also got a leg up by marrying into the right business family. And this qualifies him to be a US Senator???

Dave Reid said...

The list of government subsidy for Ron Johnson seems to get longer everyday.