Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Campaign Season In Wisconsin When Anything Goes Is Almost Over

Reid Ribble, a small business executive and the Republican candidate for Congress in Northeast Wisconsin, claims in a TV ad he lost his health insurance because of the new health care law.

Wow, you say, that's awful.

And if you know that the incumbent, Democrat Steve Kagan is both a supporter of the law and a doctor, you think - - how sad and ironic and really unfair to the victim, poor Reid Ribble.

But who's the real victim?

How about the voter, or Steve Kagan, as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says the claim is false.

I know the words "lie" and "liar" are thrown around in campaigns pretty loosely, but this one is pretty blatant and completely cynical.

It's been the year that anything goes.

I guess I spoke too soon - - as I just finished watching video of Rebecca Kleefisch thinking aloud that if you let gays marry, the next thing you know, people will be marrying their tables, clocks or dogs.

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