Friday, October 29, 2010

The Dagger Into McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Now Aimed At Feingold Himself

It's somewhere between ironic, infuriating and downright insane that the John Roberts Supreme Court trashed McCain-Feingold legislative limits on corporate campaign spending - - thereby releasing something like $3 million into Wisconsin against Feingold.

The Washington Post takes note; if you've watched TV this fall, you've seen the plethora of outside ads that are being run against the Democratic incumbent.

Feingold has asked that this outside money not be spent here on his behalf.

I admire his spirit and adherence to principle.

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Publius said...

Yeah, I'm sure his principle and request that outside groups don't spend on his behalf is why outside groups didn't spend on his behalf...

It COULDN'T possibly be that for the last 4 weeks they were reading the tea leaves the same as everyone else...