Wednesday, December 16, 2009 Blogging The Special Legislative Session

Great use of the blogosphere: So far, we learn that there will be no consideration of the MPS reform bill - - no surprise (predicted on this blog yesterday) - - and the so-called reform of drunken-driving statues has passed the Assembly with only Rep. Marlin Schneider (D - - Wisconsin Rapids) being brave enough to vote "no" over the bill's overt timidity.


enoughalready said...

For continuous coverage of the state legislature, please do not forget WisconsinEye. Unfortunately, this equivalent of C-SPAN for Wisconsin government and politics (online at is not available to Time Warner subscribers, who make up much of the all-important Milwaukee and Green Bay markets.

Also, Wisconsin Public Radio ( does a good job of covering state government, including daily news updates that accompany the other news of the day. (Locally, that means WHAD.) I do not know why WUWM neglects this important coverage.

Anon Jim said...

Why would there have been any action on the MPS reform since it has been orphaned by the people that were supposedly backing it.

Gov. Doofus was off to Copenhagen getting nothing accomplished other than expanding his carbon footprint.

And Mayor Barrett has been a picture on a milk carton ever since he came out of his house long enough to announced he running for Governor.