Monday, December 7, 2009

The Gobbler Is For Sale

I'm looking at you, Phil.


Jim Bouman said...

I was there once in 1973.


Ordered a turkey sandwich.

It was turkey roll.


Jimmy Hartwig was there, playing on the orbiting Hammond B3.

It was "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" or Calypso music, or something else awful.


It wasn' unreasonable to expect sliced roast turkey on sourdough toast, with a little gravy on the side.

I could have ignored the bad sandwich if I'd heard Charles Earland or Jimmy Smith on that B3.

But to go to the Gobbler and get neither was just wrong.

James Rowen said...

Jim: I think The Gobbler was always about the experience, not the food.

Which is why the Historical Society or some other group - - does Old World Wisconsin still exist - - should buy it as a tourist attraction.

Perhaps there are stimulus funds available.

Anon Jim said...
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