Thursday, December 10, 2009

Climate Change Is Real, Regardless Of Talk Radio/Extremist Propaganda

A clear-headed op-ed from a leading US scientist and scientific journal editor.


Anonymous said...

No it's not.

Anon Jim said...

Climate change is real - it has been going on ever since the Earth has had a climate.

In the last millennium alone you can look at extremes such as the Medieval Warm Period followed by the Little Ice Age - where they went from growing wines grapes throughout Britain due to it being so warm to having annual Ice Fairs on the frozen over Thames river in London.

Both activities which are impossible today.

And where we are sitting today was in the not too distant past (climate-wise) was under a mile of Ice - what melted that,mastodon farts?

How do you explain the variations James - were they due to human activity?

Of course not.

What is laughable is the notion that one component - carbon dioxide - determines the global temperature.

Boxer said...

Did you two bozos (Anonymous and Anon Jim) actually read the article?

As you both choose to remain anonymous (easier to take shots without taking responsibility), we can't know what YOUR scientific credentials are. I'll give you both the benefit of the doubt and assume you two graduated from high school, but will guess that at least one of you slept through biology, chemistry and physics.

Call me crazy, but I'm going to put my Climate Change money on the guy whose 780-word article was published in the Washington Post, is CEO of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and executive publisher of the journal Science, and who puts his name on his very educated "opinion," --if you want to call it that--Alan I. Leshner.

And not on the dynamic duo from Milwaukee, one of whom's total contribution to the Climate Change discussion is the 3-word, "No it's not" and the other who claims to know what happened in the last millennium in G. Britain and then resorts to fart jokes when he runs out of ideas.

You guys would be a big hit with my 6-year old nephew, but for anyone over the age of 8, not so amusing . . . or interesting.

Anon Jim said...

Your esteemed author, Alan I. Leshner, holds degrees in psychology.

Leshner isn't even a scientist of any ilk, so how exactly does that make him an expert in climate change Box-head?

Boxer said...

Yes, Alan I. Leshner has degrees in Psychology, as well as decades of experience working in scientific research, academic positions, and agency administration (including at least one presidential appointment during the Bush administration), in addition to currently holding the aforementioned titles of CEO of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and executive publisher of the journal Science. In these last two roles, it makes perfect sense that he would author an article in support of credible scientific findings reported by respected scientists using proven scientific research methodology to refute the wild and exaggerated claims of doubters who simply don't "believe" --or want to believe--that Climate Change is real.

He doesn't claim to be a climatologist or any other type of scientist, but is restating the case for Climate Change in layman's terms.

So, yea, my money's still on him.

And your credentials are . . . ? Again, Anon Jim?
. . . still waiting . . . . hum-de-dum . . . .