Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Glenn Grothman Hissy Fit: Bring On The Nanny State

Glenn Grothman has had enough of Madison and the weather, so look out!

The ultra-conservative Republican State Senator from West Bend, wants to strip Madison of its local governmental power to plow the streets and establish road salting practices.

He said in a recent hissy fit that Madison's policies endanger people.

But Grothman reminds me of the classic visiting motorist from down South who didn't leave enough time to get to work in a predicted December Wisconsin snowstorm - - and wants the Nanny state to ease his insecurities the next time winter breaks out here.

What's next for the cranky gentlemen from Washington County: A special state patrol detail, complete with plow, to escort Grothman to his reserved parking spot on the Capitol Square?

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