Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some People Are Better With Figures Than Am I: SEWRPC Dinner Discussion Continues

My son Sam is Business Development Director at the Northwest Side Community Development Corporation where he works on behalf of low-income neighborhoods and people.

When I posted the item on my blog about $995.47 that the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission spent on a dinner last week for itself - - at taxpayer expense - - Sam put it into great perspective with this comment on Facebook:

"A one-time donation of $54.60 to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission supports 30 people. That dinner tab equals 18 donations or support for 540 people. Merry Christmas!"

Exceedingly well said. All I can say is that I wish I had put that kind of analysis in the original posting. Thank goodness for readers and sharp-minded family.

I wonder who the first SEWRPC board or staff member will be to either return their share of the check to SEWRPC, or to make an identical donation to the Rescue Mission.

And also: Gretchen Schuldt labeling it a "$1,000 dinner" was good old-fashioned headline writing.

It takes a village sometimes...

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