Monday, December 7, 2009

Milwaukee County Committee Postpones Vote On UWM Land Plan

A bow to public pressure, or to common sense, or both?

Either way, good news: the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors committee on economic development - - the first of two committees to meet this week on the matter - - voted unanimously this morning to postpone action on a plan to help preserve environmentally-critical habitat acreage on the County Grounds effected by a large land sale to UWM.

The plan had been evolving as late as last week; some people felt the public notice and distribution of details were insufficient. In addition to trails and open space, UWM's plan to locate an engineering and innovation center on the County Grounds could effect a migration site used by an endangered species - - the Monarch butterfly.

I had posted several items about these meetings on my blog and at - - links to both here: let's hope for a big turnout when special meetings are scheduled in the coming days - - and let's urge Supervisors to hold these meetings in the evening and not at 9 a.m. on working days.


James Wigderson said...

They're probably going Christmas shopping.

Anon Jim said...

My understanding is they all went out for dinner at the University Club on the taxpayers nickel.