Friday, December 11, 2009

SEWRPC Annual Dinners Average $1,060 The Last Five Years

Earlier this week I disclosed that the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission spent $995.47 on a dinner at The University Club for 14 commission board members and three staffers, according to the commission.

So I asked Ken Yunker, SEWRPC's Executive Director, for some dinner details going back four years so I could see a five-year picture.

Late Friday afternoon, by email, he supplied the details.

Though Yunker reported that SEWRPC does not have a membership at the University Club:

"Annual dinners in the previous four years were held at the University Club at costs of $914, $1048, $1332, and $1010," he wrote.

So the five-year total cost of these annual taxpayer-paid freebies is $5,299, averaging annually $1,060.

I'll more to say about this in future posts.

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