Thursday, December 3, 2009

Announcing Book Winner In My SEWRPC Guess-The-Date Contest

The winner of a fabulous prize: Jim Bouman, Waukesha activist and blogger.

Let me explain:

A few months ago, as we were approaching the one-year anniversary of an inexplicably stalled federal review of SEWRPC's authority to approve federally-funded transportation projects, I announced on my blog a contest: guess the date of the review's release.

The person predicting the report's release closest to the actual date would win a fabulous prize: my near-pristine and hard-to-find copy of Trees, the 1949 US Department of Agriculture Yearbook.

It's a cool volume, illustrated, almost 1,000 pages with plenty of informaion about Wisconsin.

Bouman's guess was Oct. 21st: the report surfaced yesterday, and his guess came the closest.

The book is on its way, Jim.

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