Saturday, December 19, 2009

Milwaukee County Sacrifices Logic, Land, For UWM Sprawl

Are we surprised that the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors went ahead and approved the sale of a parcel of priceless Milwaukee County Grounds land to the University of Wisconsin-Minwaukee - - with the 'preservation' portion of the plan split by development?

Details of yet another case where money and development trumps environment - - here.

* UWM gets far more land than it needs, 89 acres.

* Open space and habitat are sacrificed.

* Downtown synergies with the Minwaulee School Of Engineering, and Marquette University's new engineering school were ignored and declined so that UWM can extend itself miles from its East side campus, the airport and train station - - yet somehow convince the very businesses that have yet to pony up their share to fund UWM Chancellor Carlos Santiago's business-driven dream that the site was in the private sector's interest.

Oh, and the students?


Get ready for the Zoo Interchange/congestion-dominated commute.


Great Lakes said...

As Wauwatosa is the geographic center of the metro area, it would seem wise to continue its development, thus reducing drive times and mitigating congestion in the UWM neighborhood, which itself was developed long ago due to "urban sprawl."
For those east siders who believe Wauwatosa is still rural and that it's still wilderness out here, I encourage you to take a trip out this way, perhaps on a county bus which, incidentally, go right to the county grounds. Or, take your bike on the Oak Leaf Trail, which also will get you there. You may be surprised to find that no farms remain in Wauwatosa, that the entire city is served by electric, water and sewer utilities, and that there are sidewalks in front of our homes, that we can walk to the grocery store or other businesses, that our children can walk to school, and that we have all the accommodations of a modern city.
Yes, let's be wise about development. But let's also recognize that Wauwatosa is not a hinterland and that great universities have satellites throughout the areas they serve.
Finally, let's not forget the Wisconsin Idea -- that the boundaries of the University of Wisconsin system are the boundaries of the state.

Max Max said...

Great Lakes,

And how long would that bus trip take? From what I see on the MCTS map, there are no direct routes to the proposed campus. So the unfortunate student or professor with classes on both sites will either need to hold large chunks of the day for the bus trip(s), or bring his/her car to campus, increasing parking costs and congestion.

Dave Reid said...

@Great Lakes.... Umm nobody will be walking from the County Grounds location to do anything. To 'collaborate' with GE Medical people will drive about 1.5 miles, my estimate, despite being across the street, you basically have to. Where will they get lunch? Oh you have to drive. Sure much of Tosa, is pretty urban, but this site isn't.