Monday, December 7, 2009

More Details Emerge On County/UWM Land Plan

The Daily Reporter has published a map indicating where on the County Grounds UWM wants to build its new engineering and innovation campus, and where some land might be preserved for open space and Monarch butterfly migration.

None of these contortions would have been necessary if UWM and Chancellor Carlos Santiago not decided to sprawl out to Western Wauwatosa from Milwaukee's east side, leap-frogging much of the city and county, and certainly far from Marquette's new Engineering school downtown.

Collaboration with Marquette, and the Milwaukee School of Engineering on the lower East side?


If things go as they seem to always go, the compromise will be swallowed by the advocates for conservation, and the developers - - in this case UWM and the County - - will pour their concrete, add roads, contribute to dirty air and traffic congestion, all while claiming victory on common space for "progress."

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