Thursday, December 10, 2009

In A Time Warp: The Road To Sprawlville, Chapter XXXVI (A Retrospective)

Consider the subdividing of much of Waukesha, Ozaukee, Racine, Kenosha and Washington Counties, and the continued absence of local or regional rail transit, the failing Milwaukee County bus system, the multi-billion dollar widening of the freeway system, continuing air pollution from expanding traffic, and other land-use problems in Southeastern Wisconsin...and then read a report's first paragraph along with me:

"An alarming trend is occurring in Southeastern Wisconsin, where we are using more and more land per person and household than ever before. Called sprawl, this trend threatens a quality of life we hold dear, while posing serious ripple effects throughout the state and region. Consider this basic fact; between 1970 and 1990 our population increased by 3% while land use increased 26%. Living this way costs everyone more tax dollars and natural resources. The congestion caused by sprawl costs us precious time."

The remaining 44 pages offers documentation and solutions.

The report is "2040, Getting There: Alternatives to Sprawl in Southeastern Wisconsin," published in February, 1999, by Citizens for a Better Environment.

Lessons and opportunities in old files not learned or grasped.

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