Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rightists In Denial On Obama (Still!), And Climate Change

Birthers and flat-earthers out on the fringes of American politics get exposed in this good analysis.


Anon Jim said...

Nice try by Congressperson Inslee to directly link the Birther’s to the Deniers to the Republicans, since those are three distinct groups which might have some overlap but no real correlation.

His Flat Earth to Birther link does have some credence, since the Birthers have about as much relevance as the Flat Earthers - as in none except for Libs that keep wanting to resurrect these Boo-gedy-men since they are so 2008 for everyone else.

You have to love his straw man strategy in misrepresenting the stands of Deniers, must have gotten that tip from while playing buckets with Obama. And his phrase “inartful language” regarding the Climatgate e-mails, Inslee must have pulled that out of his backside from his Lawyer past.

Brutus said...

Nice try Anon Jim. The correlation is that they are ALL being led by the neo-conservatives, all the way up Cheney, w/ Dick Army leading the tea baggers. The Republican name has been trashed by their own antics, that have being anything but conservative. Corporate ideology has trumped our constitution.

Anon Jim said...

Brutus - being neither a neo-conservative nor a Republican, have to agree with you on your assessment of the average elected Republican official.

As far as trumping of our constitution - all sides are equally guilty of that one way or the other.

Betsey said...

"The members of the Flat Earth Society may be out of ideas, but they are not out of denials."

Pretty soon they'll run all of us out of Earth--the Earth's resources, that is.

Oh that the Earth were actually flat, and the loud, ignorant bunch of them would sail right off the edge.

enoughalready said...

This denial is very real and even extends to disbelief about the realities of economic decline in the US. Some even believe real wages have not declined over the past 20 years. If you show them the evidence, they just deny the validity of the source.

But, oddly enough, some of these same folks are willing to believe falsehoods such as the Limbaugh's (mock?) claim that our media are "state-run."