Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Michigan Sues To Protect Lake Michigan: Lessons For Waukesha And Our DNR?

Michigan goes to court to force Illinois to close a canal through which predatory, oversized Asian carp are most likely to enter Lake Michigan and take over the Great Lakes.


Still quietly thinking it over,

ZZZZZZZZ. Not very inspiring, our policy-makers.

Further observation:

Over in Lansing, they are not messing around.

If Michigan perceives that Waukesha's diversion application improperly or inadequately proposes to take water out of Lake Michigan, or does not plan to send it back sufficiently, or clean enough, then look out: Michigan might well reject the application.

Michigan has a Democratic Governor and a Republican Attorney General.

A former Republican Governor rejected an application years ago from Lowell, Indiana - - and that community was seeking water for reasons similar to Waukesha's.

Strong support for Lake Michigan in the State of Michigan is traditional and bi-partisan; Waukesha and Wisconsin officials should make sure they are not missing a signal from Michigan about what it expects in a Waukesha application, and from Wisconsin's in-state review.

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