Thursday, December 17, 2009

Props To Paul Soglin

Madison's former Mayor (yes, in another life in an earlier century I worked in his office) raises excellent points in this posting about the excess power that unelected bodies can wield.

Or the bigger picture issues they can ignore.

As I said in my comment on the posting, I am an outsider to Madison now, but think he's raising issues that are important about other unelected bodies and broader issues, too.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of raising issues, can I mention that Soglin is a lobbyist for other development interests, who benefit from having Madison's Landmark Ordinance gutted? I figure someone should point that out.

The "bigger picture" doesn't trump the rule of law. The Landmark Commission made the right decision.

I'm disappointed you're using the same talking points as the right-wingers do against Dane County's Regional Transit Authority.

James Rowen said...

To Anonymous; I am surprised that you think I am using right-wing talking points.

Or anyone's talking points.

And if yu have any familiarity with this blog, you will have noted scores of posts about the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, and its unelected board that spends Milwaukee money without representation.

That is my frame of reference when it comes to the powers of unelected boards, and I think it is avalid issue to discuss.