Thursday, December 24, 2009

Climate Change Models Call For More Extreme Weather Events...

And not just warmer temperatures.

Anyone in the Midwest these last few weeks want to argue about it?


DanLong said...

sure, I'll argue about it. Since, 1, there are no warmer temps, and 2 the models are all fudge work. I can't believe you guys are still posting this bogus garbage. Call, for the data and an independent test group that's not sold out to the cap and trade group.

What's that you say? They lost the data? Pure science calls for the theorists to produce their data so that it can be replicated by independent. Without duplication then it's just words and a religious movement.

That would be why we don't have cold fusion. No one could duplicate the original publications results. Those are the checks and balances of science.

The prophets, to which you subscribe, have no such backing, and as has been shown, worked diligently to ensure such peer examination isn't going to happen. Simply lose the data and discredit your skeptics.

You want so changes? Quit cutting down the forests, funny how just replacing the forests will quickly mitigate these alleged gases. As I'd pointed out in a previous post,Instead of inefficient windfarms, give the people those huge subsidies to put up significantly smaller turbines on their homesteads and you'll get more electricity and less headache. Get the liberal regressives out of office, their hot air is turning up the global temps if anything.

James Rowen said...

There are warmer temps. That is the trend.

You are being drawn in my an ideologically-driven misinterpretation of a fraction of the data and science.

Do you really believe that thousands of scientists worldwide are all part of a conspiracy - - to get grants?

Forest preservation is a great goal. There is finally a agreement to do just that - - worked out at the Copenhagen summit, by they way, with the leadership of some of the very people you condemn.