Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another Planet With Water? I'm Not A Scientist, But I Deny It

Oh, right. Another "scientist" makes a "discovery" about another planet with "water."

A planet somewhat like ours that is not specifically mentioned in any Holy Book on this here earth.

Haven't we had enough of this "science" lately in the drive-by media?

I's cold outside this winter: doesn't that prove the planet isn't getting warm?

This new "planet" discovery is obviously faked to get grant money, publicity, Al Gore's support and an invite to conferences sponsored by blue-helmeted egg heads running the UN - - a known communist front group.

And is as plainly trumped up as are those phony photos and video shown by President Hussein Obama's state-run media showing "melting" glaciers and arctic ice and water "shortages" in South America (that one was aired by NBC "News," better known as News By Communists).

So is it a surprise that this water-heavy planet is already a big "story" in the liberal New York Times?

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enoughalready said...

I believe the shortage of freshwater in Peru, as reported recently on, may end up connecting very directly with Milwaukee.

Due to the disappearing glaciers, many of Peru's poor now rely on trucks to bring them the water they need to live, and the water is of questionable cleanliness. But, I also believe, due to a loophole in the Great Lakes Compact, water-bottling companies are allowed to take as much water as they want from the Great Lakes.

Is it really too difficult to imagine one or more companies taking Great Lakes water -- maybe even from here in Milwaukee and from Lake Michigan -- and selling it for profit in places where it is needed, like Peru -- on who knows how big a scale or at what cost to the Great Lakes?