Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The EPA Will Regulate CO2 Emissions: Great News


After years of benign neglect and outright opposition from the Bush administration, the Federal government, taking its cues from a conservative Supreme Court, is finally stepping up to regulate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse emissions.

Because they are human health hazards - - and the role of the US Environmental Protection
Agency is to help ensure that clean water and air continue as American birthrights.

If you set aside the ideological whining by some business organizations, and the goofy uninformed righty commentary - - callers remembering their high school science were put on the air on Mark Belling's show Monday to say carbon should not be regulated because human beings are carbon-based (!) - - there could be significant declines in asthma, lung and heart disease and other common benefits for we carbon-based life forms if EPA rules can be written.

1 comment:

Anon Jim said...

What a farce.

At least this can be postponed by litigation until such time we have an administration that will reverse this stupidity.