Wednesday, December 9, 2009

County Backing Into Habitat Preservation After Approving UWM Land Sale

I'm glad that Milwaukee County is slowing down before approving a plan to preserve crucial open space and Monarch butterfly migration areas at the Milwaukee County Grounds, but there is no escaping the major, head-shaking reality:

The County Board is wrestling with the site plan along with UWM after agreeing to sell UWM so much land on the County Grounds for a new engineering and innovation center that the open space and migration area was jeopardized.

And, frankly, this last-minute preservation effort would not have progressed to this point - - Board committee meetings Monday and Tuesday for consideration were called off - - had there not been public pressure from UWM faculty, environmental groups, concerned citizens and bloggers.

That the future of some disappearing and almost rural land in the County is at stake brings the phrase "cart before the horse" to mind.

Too appropriate.

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