Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gretchen Schuldt Asks More Questions About SEWRPC Taxpayer-Paid Dining

Yesterday I disclosed on my blog that the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission spent $995 taxpayer-provided dollars - - the agency's entire budget comes from local, state and federal funds - - to treat some staffers and commissioners to an annual dinner at The University Club.

I have since asked SEWRPC a series of additional questions about dinners and spending and will post that information when I get it.

Blogger and highway activist Gretchen Schuldt has follow-up question for SEWRPC s about attendance at the dinner and whether it presented Commission or Commission standing committee Open Meeting legal notice problems.

With 14 current or former members of a 21-member commission attending - - excellent questions.

Her posting is here.

And by the way: what ever happened to last year's Milwaukee County Board directive to its lobbyists to obtain a State Legislative audit of SEWRPC?

Wouldn't now be a good time to get that started, or should we wait for the 2010 Easter dinner, Octoberfest bash or Thanksgiving soiree bills to come in first?

And what ever happened to the city's separate request for legislative changes in SEWRPC's state-mandated structure to provide real city representation at SEWRPC, or a new, more urban-focuses agency?

How much more evidence do we need to establish that SEWRPC's lack of accountability - - no elected leadership, no Milwaukee representation, continuing outreach deficits and dubious fiscal oversight of $8 million public dollars annually - - hurts Milwaukee and its low-income populations?

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