Monday, May 6, 2019

WI gov't., once pro-active on climate change, can be again

Wisconsin has to get cracking on climate-science driven policy.

And for perspective on what must be a critical, comprehensive and fearless forward-looking agenda, take a look back at where we were before Walker and his idiocracy - - "Sen. Tom Tiffany says he asked Gov. Walker for DNR job cuts" - - brought their science-killing mentality into our daily lives and the government we fund.

Before the UN's science-based warnings about climate change perils that culminated in this week's frightening report on human-driven species extinction, and before Wisconsin's Koch brothers' obeisant servant and climate change 'no-action' pledge signer Scott Walker stripped climate science from the DNR's key website - - beginning in 2012 - - 
Smoke stacks from a factory.
- - the DNR and its supervising Natural Resources Board were actually pro-active on these issues

Gov. Evers, despite obstruction by the GOP's hostile legislative caucus - - Tom Tiffany, again - -  has to get us back to at least 2008, then past what Walker has wrought - - highlighted by Walker's infamous failure to stand his ground when challenged by a child who wanted to know what the Governor was going to do about climate change.

New DNR Secretary Preston Cole says it's a priority, so let's get going; the public is more than ready.

But look at this 2008 Natural Resources Board program to see what's been lost in the last decade and how much more needs get done:
Wisconsin Natural Resources Board 
April 22, 2008 climate change briefing
The Natural Resources Board held a special meeting April 22, 2008 to hear from experts on climate change. Topics covered during this informational seminar included an overview of climate change and presentations on three state and regional projects that address climate change: the Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts; the Governor's Task Force on Global Warming; and the Midwest Governors Association Initiative.

Opening Remarks

Matt Frank, Secretary, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Video (7 minutes 25 seconds)

Overview of climate change: news from a warming planet

Jonathan Foley, Director, Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment, University of Wisconsin-Madison
These slides are provided for informational and educational uses only. They cannot be used for other presentations, or redistributed to anyone else, without explicit permission. All rights reserved.
Video (48 minutes 11 seconds)

How climate change may affect us: The Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts

Lewis Gilbert, Interim Director, Nelson Institute, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jack Sullivan, Director, DNR Bureau of Science Services
Video (37 minutes 39 seconds)

How we may affect climate change: The Governor's Task Force on Global Warming

Roy Thilly, CEO, Wisconsin Public Power, Inc. and Task Force Co-Chair
Video (20 minutes 12 seconds)
Tia Nelson, Executive Secretary, Board of Commissioners of Public Lands and Task Force Co-Chair
Video (21 minutes 52 seconds)

How we may affect climate change: The Midwest Governors Association Initiative

Eric Callisto, Executive Assistant, Wisconsin Public Service Commission
Video (27 minutes 48 seconds)

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Public Participation Information

Public participation registration and written comment deadline:
4 p.m. on the Friday before the meeting.
Registration requests and comments should be directed to the Board Liaison.

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