Thursday, May 30, 2019

Walker's latest Medicaid, education tweets; more self-serving manipulation

When Walker starts talking numbers, add a layer of waterproof gear for the approaching B.S. storm.

Having tried to boost his Twitter following with shade tossed at Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Octavio-Cortez, the desperate-for-relevancy-and perpetually-campaigning-for-something/anything Scott Walker is now trying to bait Bernie Sanders.

Wisconsinites know how parsed and disingenuous are these boasts, so don't tall for it, Bernie:

More ...everyone living in poverty [in WI] is now covered...during the past two years, we provided the largest actual dollar investment into public schools in WI history...
* We know that Walker made deep, damaging and ideologically-inspired cuts to public school funding, and only in the later years began to back fill the reductions because the gubernatorial campaign he lost in 2018 was looming.

If someone hacked into your bank account and began pay you back, would you appreciate his self-promotion for that 'generosity?'

* We also know that Walker has turned down hundreds of millions of dollars in available Medicaid dollars, and his legislative lackeys are going to continue that moral and medical madness:

Vos tweeted, on accepting Medicaid expansion: 
Those federal dollars to which Wisconsinites have contributed would have extended insurance to poor people still living "in poverty," as Walker so blithely puts it - - but who who are earning just a tad above the official poverty definition and Walker's wordsmithing - - a move which also would have begun to reduce costs laid on state taxpayers, too.

Everyday Wisconsinites, who, by the way, now pay larger shares of the state's income taxes thanks to Walker and Trump tax breaks aimed at or darkly manipulated for corporations

These Walker tweets show again that he loves to play with numbers - - whether  medical and education dollars, or wetland acres or Foxconn projections, covered here - - while disregarding the actual people or their surroundings - - all pawns in his game - - which his intentionally corrupted and self-serving math help penalize.

And worse, wants bogus credit for making situations better which he actually helped aggravate.

The master of stone-cold callous calculus.

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Anonymous said...

Have you seen this coverage of Walker's speaking gig in Burlington, VT?

Hundreds turn out in Burlington to protest former Wisconsin governor Walker